Going Indie?

I’ve been doing some serious thinking lately about looking into the self-publishing route.  I always imagined that once I finished my current manuscript that I’d query, as I’ve done with some past manuscripts, but this time around I’m not so sure.  I have come into contact with some lovely people of late who have chosen different publication routes, from traditional, to small presses, to self-publishing, and most have been very happy with their decisions.  In particular, the woman I met who self-published her novels was in love with her work.  She was realistic when she spoke to me, and wasn’t shy about enumerating the drawbacks, but as she spoke of the various creative projects she was a big part of when it came to the production of her novel, I was just about sold.  Self-publishing is a lot of work if you go about it the right way, yes, but it grants a lot of freedom.


And I’m liking the sound of that more and more.  I want to stay in love with my work, the way she is still in love with hers.  


I haven’t decided a hundred percent yet, but I thought I’d put the idea out there, and would love any feedback anyone can offer regarding this issue.  Did anyone self-publish and regret it?  Regret the whole agent/big-publisher scene?  Would anyone think twice about going with their small press again?  Or does anyone just LOVE what they’ve got, and think it’s worth the time/risk/work?