Royal River Editing

When my schedule permits, I am very happy to offer freelance editorial services to my fellow Indie writers.  I absolutely love the written word, and I do my utmost to appreciate and preserve your very special style while steering you in the direction of clarity and proper grammar/punctuation/etc. You know, all that technical stuff that sometimes goes out the window while you’re trying to get your ideas down on paper (or on word processor…).  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I say a few, well-written words can paint a thousand pictures!  Let me help you paint the perfect picture. 🙂

Professionally speaking, I have a Master’s degree (MLIS) from the University of Alabama and an undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University, and have been published domestically and internationally in various magazines and periodicals.  My tastes are eclectic, but young adult is my wheelhouse, although I am perfectly open to editing other genres.  I do NOT edit erotica or works with excessive profanity.  Just not my cup of tea.

CONTACT: RoyalRiverEditing (at) gmail (dot) com


*All prices may vary by project depending on the “cleanness” of the draft; if, after review, additional charges will be incurred, I will email you prior to beginning the editing process.

*Prices are subject to change, but you will always be notified first, and I will always honor a price quoted to you if you send your deposit within 2 weeks of the quote date.

Simple edit means I just check for spelling, grammar, sentence structure, etc.  Advanced edit means I offer more in-depth review and analysis, address plot and character development, etc.  But, as always, at the end of the day, the choice of how you choose to finalize your novel is always yours.

First Chapter (about 2500 words or less): Simple edit, $20; Advanced edit, $35

First 3 Chapters: Simple edit, $40; Advanced edit, $60

Entire Novel: Simple edit, $4 per thousand words; Advanced edit, $6 per thousand words

Payment: For first chapter and 3-chapter clients, payment is required upfront via Paypal.  For authors sending their entire novels, a deposit equal to half the balance is due at the time of scheduling, and the remaining half will be due at the time of editorial completion.  Of course, you are always welcome to pay completely upfront if desired.

Contact me at RoyalRiverEditing (at) gmail (dot) com  for any questions or to schedule a date for editing your book!


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