I am a South Carolina native currently living in the Arizona desert (though, admittedly, my heart will always belong to the lowcountry sea islands of my youth).  I have the world’s most amazing and supportive husband, and the world’s most adorable and getting-pretty-good-at-rolling-over daughter.  It’s one of my life goals to find an arrowhead and also to own a yellow beach-cruiser bicycle.  And I think everyone, at least once in their life, should drink a Peach flavored Nehi soda.

On a more serious note…

I think writing is the greatest reflection of the human spirit; it is the manifestation of both logic and fancy, of deep, meaningful thought as well as delightful whimsy.  By writing down an idea, I am forced to truly dwell on a thought, to fully analyze and understand my own emotions–or perhaps come to terms with the fact that there are times in which I will never be able to understand those emotions. It is my freedom and my shelter, the answer to my restless longings as well as my home-base.


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