The Infamous Nudge

Up until recently, I had a manuscript out with an agent.  Well over the allotted number of weeks had gone by, and I was coming dangerously close to sending that “nudge” email.  In fact, the only reason I didn’t send it was because I wasn’t sure what exactly to say.  “Uh, hey, remember me and my book from a few months ago?  Have you, uh, like, read it yet?  Just wondering!”

I was lucky enough to run across this blog post by Vickie Motter on her blog Navigating the Slushpile.  This isn’t a hard and fast rule, of course, but I think it’s SO useful to see at least one example of a “nudge” email.  It seems simple enough, but goodness knows that during the querying stage we authors are quite afraid of taking a wrong step!  Thanks for the info!  Her blog also is filled with lots of information and tips that are useful to writers!  Check it out!

(Unfortunately for me, before I had to send the “nudge” email, I received a rejection on the manuscript.  But I persevere!)


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